STEM Classroom Program

STEM - Classroom Program

Our Methodology
  • Build – Apply – Learn (Project Based Learning).
  •  Projects mapped across various curricula
    (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, Cambridge, State boards)
    – also provide customized curriculum.
  •  Pool of syllabus mapped science activities from Class 1 to Class 10 are given to science teachers.
  • Each activity is accompanied by worksheet, assessment, how to do manual.
  •  Every student will have his/her own Kit.

Benefits to School

  • Efficient teaching methods.
  • Effective use of educational resources.
  • Streamlining of operational aspects.
  • Improving the overall image of school.

Benefits to Teachers

  • Innovative teaching strategies.
  • Easy to explain the topics.
  • Understand the psychology of students.
  • Effective utilization of time.

Benefits to Students

  • Develops Scientific Temperment, Higher Order Thinking Skills.
  • Hands on Experience & Tool Handling Skills.
  • Develops Creativity, Innovativeness, Application of Concepts.
  • Develops Team Building & Leadership Qualities.