Robotics Lab

Robotics Lab

Curriculum Linked Program

  • Learning is at the very core of MY STEM LAB’s most heartfelt values, the team has invested many years in cooperation and research with child development specialists and teaching professionals to build a rich understanding of what it takes to provide and truly effective learning experiences.

5 Reasons to Teach Robotics in Schools

  • Children find it fun.
  • Effective way of introducing concepts of science , Math, Design & programming to students. (STEM)
  • Effective way to foster essential work skills like collaboration, problem solving and project management.
  • Suitable for children with a range of abilities.
  • Demystifies a complex technology


Support Multi-Platform

Programmed from your PC/Mac, iPad/iPhone, or Android Tablet/Smartphone.

Exclusive Design

Robotics kits are designed to be used in classroom when multiple concepts needs
to be explained.

Infinite Extensibility

Compatible with Arduino Platform and most of MY STEM LAB parts, available to
extend infinitely.

Elaborate Manuals

Online guidebooks and tutorials for beginners to systematically learn graphical