Innovation Studio

Innovation Studio

Innovation studio aims to expose students towards science ,technology and engineering from young age to help students inculcate scientific temperament and inclination towards science.

The curriculum of Innovation studio is built keeping the concepts of the students are studying and extension of those concepts in making things. The innovation studio takes students to the entire design and making cycle in various stages, first students do component exploration, making by seeing, assembling by seeing, assembling without seeing, making without instructions,  and then developing various models to complete the given problem statements. In innovation studio students make each and every thing from given raw material and with minimum intervention from teacher. The activities, problem statements have been designed keeping the age and level of the child. A child with no inclination towards science tends to enjoy science as he/she puts their thoughts to real model.

Innovation studio also enables students to develop tool handing , engineering and material selection skills. Innovation studios hosts modified tools, equipments and machines to ensure the safety of child.

Students are also given various problem statements and they come up with workable solution and make the prototype.

Turn Your Vision Into Reality

Contact Us and we will put you in touch with a project manager or local representative that will work with you to find the best solution for your Innovation Lab design. First they will create an initial layout of your space based on your needs. From there we will have a Innovation Lab design engineer involved with your school administrator/manager and will turn your vision into a reality.